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. Wine For Dummies®
Ed McCarthy, Mary Ewing-Mulligan and Piero Antinori

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Format: Paperback, 432pp.
ISBN: 0470045795
Publisher: For Dummies
Pub. Date: October 9, 2006 • 4th Edition

Dimensions (in inches): 9.1 x 7.4 x 1.1
Item No: 0470045795

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From The Publisher:

Wine enthusiasts and novices, raise your glasses! The #1 wine book has been extensively updated! If you’re a connoisseur, Wine For Dummies, Fourth Edition will get you up to speed on what’s in and show you how to take your hobby to the next level. If you’re new to the world of wine, it will clue you in on what you’ve been missing and show you how to get started. It begins with the basic types of wine, how wines are made, and more. Then it gets down to specifics:
  • How to handle snooty wine clerks, navigate restaurant wine lists, decipher cryptic wine labels, and dislodge stubborn corks
  • How to sniff and taste wine
  • How to store and pour wine and pair it with food
  • Four white wine styles: fresh, unoaked; earthy; aromatic; rich, oaky
  • Four red wine styles: soft, fruity, and relatively light-bodied; mild-mannered, medium-bodied; spicy; powerful, full-bodied, and tannic
  • What’s happening in the “Old World” of wine, including France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Hungary, and Greece
  • What’s how (and what’s not) in the New World of Wine, including Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa
  • U.S. wines from California, Oregon, Washington, and New York
  • Bubbling beauties and medieval sweets: champagne, sparkling wines, sherry, port, and other exotic dessert wines
Authors Ed McCarthy, CWE, who is a regular contributor to Wine Enthusiast and The Wine Journal and Mary Ewing-Mulligan, MW, who owns the International Wine Center in New York, have co-authored six wine books in the For Dummies series. In an easy-to-understand, unpretentious style that’s as refreshing as a glass of Chardonnay on a summer day, they provide practical information to help you enjoy wine, including:
  • Real Deal symbols that alert you to good wines that are low in price compared to other wines of similar type, style, or quality
  • A Vintage Wine Chart with specifics on numerous wines
  • Info on ordering wine from out of state, collecting wine, and more
Wine For Dummies, Fourth Edition is not just a great resource and reference, it’s a good read. It’s full-bodied, yet light…rich, yet crisp…robust, yet refreshing….

Discover how to:
  • Open, serve, and store wine properly
  • Read and understand a wine label
  • Distinguish good wine from bad with ease
  • Taste the "elements of wine," like body, flavor, and balance
  • Select wine for any meal or special occasion with confidence
  • Navigate your way through a wine shop like a pro
  • Enjoy fine wine without spending a lot of money


About the Authors

Ed McCarthy and Mary Ewing-Mulligan are two wine lovers who met at an Italian wine tasting in New York City’s Chinatown and subsequently merged their wine cellars and wine libraries when they married. They have since coauthored six wine books in the Wine For Dummies series (including two of their favorites, French Wine For Dummies and Italian Wine For Dummies) as well as their latest book, Wine Style (Wiley); taught hundreds of wine classes together; visited nearly every wine region in the world; run five marathons; and raised eleven cats. Along the way, they have amassed more than half a century of professional wine experience between them.

Mary is president of International Wine Center, a New York City wine school that offers credentialed wine education for wine professionals and serious wine lovers. As U.S. director of the Wine & Spirit Education Trust (WSET®), the world’s leading wine educational organization, she works to make the courses she offers in New York available in more and more parts of the United States. She is also the long-standing wine columnist of the NY Daily News. Mary’s most impressive credential is that she’s the first female Master of Wine (MW) in the United States, and one of only 22 MW’s in North America (with 251 worldwide).

Ed, a New Yorker, graduated from City University of NY with a master’s degree in psychology. He taught high school English in another life, while working part-time in wine shops to satisfy his passion for wine and to subsidize his growing wine cellar. That cellar is especially heavy in his favorite wines — Bordeaux, Barolo, and Champagne. Besides co-authoring six wine books in the For Dummies series with Mary, Ed went solo as author of Champagne For Dummies, a topic on which he’s especially expert. Ed and Mary also share wine columns in Nation’s Restaurant News and in Beverage Media, a trade publication. They are each columnists for the online wine magazine, Ed and Mary are both accredited as Certified Wine Educators (CWE).

When they aren’t writing, teaching, or visiting wine regions, Mary and Ed maintain a busy schedule of speaking, judging at professional wine competitions, and tasting as many new wines as possible. They admit to leading thoroughly unbalanced lives in which their only non-wine pursuits are hiking in the Berkshires and the Italian Alps. At home, they wind down to the tunes of U2, K.D. Lang, Bob Dylan, and Neil Young in the company of their feline roommates Dolcetto, Black & Whitey, Ponzi, and Pinot.

Table of Contents

Welcome to Wine For Dummies, 4th Edition
How to Use This Book

Part I: Getting Started with Wine
Part II: Close Encounters of the Wine Kind
Part III: Around the World of Wine
Part IV: When You've Caught the Bug
Part V: The Part of Tens
Part VI: Appendixes

Icons Used in This Book
Wine Is for Everyone

Detailed Contents:

Part I: Getting Started with Wine

Chapter 1: Wine 101
How Wine Happens

What could be more natural?
Modern wrinkles in winemaking
The main ingredient

What Color Is Your Appetite?

What white wine is
Is white always right?
Red, red wine
A rose is a rose, but a rosé is "white"

Other Ways of Categorizing Wine

Table wine
Dessert wine
Sparkling wine (and a highly personal spelling lesson)

Chapter 2: These Taste Buds Are for You

The Special Technique for Tasting Wine

Two very complicated rules of wine tasting
The appearance of the wine
The nose knows
Tasting the wine

The Pleasure Principle: Discovering What You Like

You get what you ask for
Parlez-vous Winespeak?

Describing Taste


The Quality Issue: What's a Good Wine?

One man's meat...

What's a Bad Wine?
The Final Analysis: Do You Like It?

Chapter 3: Behind the Scenes of Winemaking

A Reality Check for Wine Jargon
Operation: Delicious

Vine-growing vernacular
Winemaking wonder words

Chapter 4: Pinot Envy and Other Secrets about Grape Varieties

It's the Grape Whodunit

Of genus and species
A variety of varieties

How the Grape Done It

Personality traits of grape varieties
Performance factors of grape varieties
Like grape, like wine

Royalty and Commoners in the Kingdom of Grapes
A Primer on the Major White Grape Varieties

Sauvignon Blanc
Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio
Other white grapes

A Primer on the Major Red Grape Varieties

Cabernet Sauvignon
Pinot Noir
Other red grapes

Chapter 5: Is It a Grape? Is It a Place?

What's in a Name
The Wine Name Game

Hello, my name is Chardonnay
Hello, my name is Bordeaux
Wines named in other ways

Part II: Close Encounters of the Wine Kind

Chapter 6: Navigating a Wine Shop

Buying Wine Can Intimidate Anyone
Where Wine Is Sold

Discount warehouses and superstores
Wine specialty shops
Inside the wine shop

Choosing the Right Wine Merchant

Wine storage conditions

Strategies for Wine Shopping

See a chance, take it
Explain what you want
Name your price

Chapter 7: Navigating a Restaurant Wine List

Buying Wine in a Restaurant
How Wine Is Sold in Restaurants

The choice of the house
Premium pours
Special, or reserve, wine lists
The (anything but) standard wine list

How to Scope Out a Wine List

Sizing up the organization of the list
Getting a handle on the pricing setup
What the wine list should tell you
Rating the list's style

How to Ask for Advice
How to Bluff Your Way through the Wine Presentation Ritual
If You Are Truly on Your Own
Restaurant Wining Tips
When Traveling Abroad

Chapter 8: How to Open a Bottle — and What to Do Next

The First Step: Uncovering the Cork
Getting the Cork Out

The corkscrew not to use
The corkscrew to buy
Other corkscrews worth owning
Waiter, there's cork in my wine!

A Special Case: Opening Champagne and Sparkling Wine

Forget how the victors do it in locker rooms
A sigh is better than a pop

Does Wine Really Breathe?

How to aerate your wine
Which wines need aerating?

Does the Glass Really Matter?

First, the right color
Now the size, thickness, and shape
Tulips, flutes, balloons, and other picturesque wine-glass names
How many glasses do I need, anyway?
Washing your crystal glasses

Serving Wine Not Too Warm, Not Too Cold
Storing Leftover Wine

Chapter 9: Judging a Wine by Its Label

The Wine Label and What It Tells You

The forward and backward of wine labels
The mandatory sentence

Some Optional Label Terms

Vineyard name
Other optional words on the label

Part III: Around the World of Wine

Chapter 10: Doing France

The French Model

Understanding French wine law
Fine distinctions in the ranks

France's Wine Regions
Bordeaux: The Incomparable

The subregions for red Bordeaux
The Médoc mosaic
Classified information
Top wines to try when you're feeling flush
The value end of the Bordeaux spectrum
Practical advice on drinking red Bordeaux
Bordeaux also comes in white

Burgundy: The Other Great French Wine

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Gamay
Districts, districts everywhere
From the regional to the sublime
The Côte d'Or
Bargain Burgundies: The Côte Chalonnaise
Chablis: A unique white wine
Mâcon: Affordable whites
Beaujolais: As delightful as it is affordable

The Hearty Rhônes of the Valley

Generous wines of the south
Noble wines of the north

The Loire Valley: White Wine Heaven
Alsace Wines: French, Not German

Chapter 11: Italy, the Heartland of Vino

The Vineyard of Europe

The ordinary and the elite
The wine regions of Italy
Categories of Italian wine, legally speaking

Reds Reign in Piedmont

Weekday reds
Whites in a supporting role

Tuscany the Beautiful

Here a Chianti, there a Chianti
Brunello di Montalcino, overnight celebrity
Two reds and a white

A Cornucopia of Wines from the Northeast

Doing Romeo and Juliet proud
The Austrian-Italian alliance
The far side: Friuli-Venezia Giulia

Cameo Appearances from the Rest of Italy

Chapter 12: Elsewhere in Europe

Intriguing Wines from Old Spain

Rioja rules
Ribera del Duero challenges
Four other Spanish regions to watch

Portugal: More Than Just Port

Portugal's "green" white
Noteworthy Portuguese red wines

Germany: Europe's Individualist

Riesling and its cohorts
Germany's wine laws: Ripeness is king
Fooling Mother Nature
Dry, half-dry, or gentle?
What's noble about rot?
Germany's wine regions

Switzerland: Stay-at-Home Wines
Austria: A New Quality Direction

Chapter 13: The Brave New World of Wine

The Old and the New of Chile

Blessed isolation
Foreign flavor
The face and taste of the wines

Argentina, a Major Player
Winemaking Thunder Down Under

Winemaking, grapes, and terroir
Australia's wine regions

New Zealand
New Hope in South Africa

South Africa's principal wine regions
Steen, Pinotage, and company
South Africa's best bets

Chapter 14: America, America

The New World of American Wine

Home-grown ways
Playing by their own rules

California, USA

Where California wines grow
When the wines are good

Napa Valley: As Tiny as It Is Famous

The grapes of Napa
Who's who in Napa (and for what)

Down-to-Earth in Sonoma

Sonoma's AVAs
Recommended Sonoma producers and wines

Mendocino and Lake Counties
San Francisco Bay Area
Santa Cruz Mountains
Down in Old Monterey
Thar's Wine in Them There Foothills
San Luis Obispo: Mountain Meets Maritime
Santa Barbara, California Paradise
Elsewhere in California
Oregon, A Tale of Two Pinot

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